Margaret Plant will be running a 'Study Day' Friday 10th March 2017 at the Riverside Centre. The subject is 'Painting in Miniature'.
Cost £25. To book, add your name to the list on the desk at our Tuesday meetings.
SMALL IS GREAT. A Workshop on Miniature Painting.
The aim of this workshop is to encourage miniature and small painting by giving the participants the knowledge, skills and practice necessary.
The first hour of the workshop will include an explanation of the two (absolute) rules of miniature painting, a discussion of style and subject matter and tips and techniques to ensure success.
At no extra cost all participants will be provided with a small canvas and easel, plus a board measuring approx 15 x10 cms and hopefully, by the end of the day, everyone will have produced two very successful paintings.
Acrylic is recommended for this course, (for quick drying) but other mediums can be used if necessary. No special equipment is required, apart from a couple of small brushes, but a complete list of items will be supplied later.

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