Unfortunately, due to the increasing costs of running exhibitions and venue fees, from and including the October 2019 exhibition at Quarr Abbey, we will be increasing the hanging fees to exhibiting members.

£3.00 - per framed picture or canvas up to 1 metre in length or height. (Plus unframed Pastels.*)

£7.50   - per picture or canvas over 1 metre in length or height. Only one painting of this size is permitted within your 3 submitted paintings.

£2.00   - per unframed paintings/canvas boards for the browser.

£1.00   - per Miniature or small painting. (ie - no increase.)

*Due to damage caused to unframed Pastel paintings while in the browser, they will now NOT be permitted within your 3 unframed paintings, but may instead be included as part of your 3 main submitted paintings and displayed on stands on the tables along with the smaller framed paintings.

We will be using a separate browser for canvas boards as part of the unframed paintings for the browser. As they have hard edges they can damage unframed watercolours when in the same browser as they are handled hundreds of times over the course of an exhibition. These canvas boards should of course be correctly inserted into cellophane sleeves and labelled.

To avoid the inevitable 'gaps' to the wall and display boards from sales during the course of the exhibition, we will be inviting members to add a 4th painting and contact details to a separate list if they so wished. They would then be asked to bring this painting to the the venue after a sale of their painting. They will be contacted by the Exhibition Organiser. No hanging fee would be paid unless the painting was hung, this would then be deducted from the money from their sale. This is at the discretion of the Council Members and Exhibition Organiser and will only be implemented when deemed necessary.

This will be done as a trial during the October 2019 exhibition at Quarr Abbey.

Change to Greeting Cards entries:

There will now be no limit to the number of designs of cards, but the overall number will be limited to 40 per exhibiting member. Cards will be recorded on the Card Submission Form by total number submitted only, not by design/name. All cards will still be £2.00.

 Gillian Nye - IWAC Exhibition Organiser



Upcoming Events

Demonstration - Peter Allen, Pastels
Workshop - The Riverside Centre

Cancelled. There will be no meeting today.

Study Day - Angela Sowden, Monoprinting

The cut off date is 10th March. The oost is £27 including tea/coffee.

Workshop - AGM

There will be no workshop today. Our AGM will start promptly at 2pm at the Riverside Centre followed by a preview of our Summer Programme. Free refreshments.

Demonstration - Tony Westmore, Oil
Workshop - Winter Critique & Display of Winter Work

Our normal workshop will run for half the session.

Workshop - The Riverside Centre

This is our last Workshop of the winter.