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Our thanks go to Ian Wright our excellent Exhibition Organizer. He has produced a report and you can read it by clicking on the attachment above. Gratitude must also go to his wife Linda, who took on a lot of extra work, so for the first time we were able sell artists cards. The painting illustrated here was painted by Jane Absolom and as well as being voted 'Favourite in Show' provoked many memories amongst the locals who viewed it.

We have decided to revive the concept of a Portfolio of Artists’ Profiles, primarily for use at IWAC exhibitions.

The idea is that the Portfolio, containing the individual Artists’ Profiles will be available at exhibitions for browsing by visitors, to provide a short background to the artists themselves. This may also be of assistance to Stewards, if requested to give a little information on an exhibitor.

An example can be viewed by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of this news item.

 Points to note;-

  • Inclusion of an Artists’ Profile is entirely voluntary; you do not need to provide one unless you want to.
  • Artists are not required to provide any personal details such as contact information, unless they want to. (Note: in the example from Paul Hewson he has chosen to do so)
  • The profiles will also be available on-line on the website

If you would like to submit a profile, please use a word format with a font size of Ariel 16, the text plus any images should take up no more than one page. The insertion of one or two examples of your work as .jpg would add interest. 

We do hope that you would like to take part in pulling together this IWAC Artists’ Portfolio, which we feel would help to enhance the prestige of our exhibitions. Look out for our Members Email, which will be sent shortly, giving details of how to submit your Profile.



Our next exhibiition will take place in the congenial setting of Quarr Abbey from Thursday 4th May to Tuesday 9th May, 10.30am-4.30pm daily. Please note: the last day for entries is Wednesday 19th April 2017.

Miniatures and Cards
Due to popular demand, for the first time we are going to introduce Miniature paintings into the May Exhibition. The Forms and Rules have been altered to cater for this. We will also be selling Members' card sales at the May Exhibition. Again please read the amended exhibition rules by clicking the attachments below.

We hope that these two new ventures will add a further exciting dimension to our Exhibition.

Exhibition Submission Form including Cards and Miniatures, Calling Notice and Amended Exhibition Rules can be downloaded by clicking the attachments below.




If you missed our last demonstration, painting horses with Rosemary Welch, just click the 'Facebook' icon at the bottom of the home page. Paul Hewson has produced an excellent film of the event. Don't forget Peter Allen will be demonstrating pastels on the 25th April 2017 from 2pm-3pm and also you are invited to bring along a mounted or framed piece of work, for critique after. Our advertised event on the 11th April with Barry Freeman has been cancelled, and we will be running our normal workshop.