We are having a demo on Tuesday 9th January 2018 at the Riverside Centre 2pm. Visitors are welcome to come along for £3 per person. Marilyn Allis will be demonstrating "People in Pictures" in watercolour.

Etude in red leonid atremov

Our big picture event, beautifully organized by John Hunt (big thank you to him), created the wonderful scene 'Etude in Red' by Leonid Afremov. Using a distinctive colourful palette, one of our members did guess who the artist was, how clever.

Do come along and test your artistic knowledge (or lack of it) or, most likely, we all know the answers, but cannot quite remember...!  There will be a free cup of tea, and a slice of Panettone for all. There will be no workshop.

John Hunt will be presenting 'The Big Picture'. He has prepared 40 blank tiles, which have been reserved by members who wish to participate for £1.50 each. You will be given a section of the big picture to replicate in paint (acrylic recommended, but watercolour okay) on your tile, and at the end we should have a huge masterpiece! However, even if you have not put your name down, please do come along, there may be people who have to cancel and in anycase there will be a complimentary cup of tea and a slice of cake to enjoy. There will be no workshop.

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