Isle of Wight Art Club Exhibition Rules and Guidelines

V2 May 2017

1. Artwork
Framed Work (see diagram below)
a) The frame must be well made and secure
b) Backing board edges must be neatly taped
c) Ready to hang with cord or wire securely attached to screw in eyelets

Unframed Work for the Browser
a) The artwork must be surrounded by a mount and enclosed in a well-fitting cellophane envelope or shrink wrap. (Polythene bags are NOT permissible) – Remember your work will be handled many times so try to minimise risk of damage with secure presentation
b) Label on the back with title, artist, medium and price

a) Stretched canvas work (framed or unframed) must have a hanging wire or cord
b) Label on the back with title, artist, medium, price

Miniatures shall be no larger than 6” by 4.5” for oblong, or 4.5” by 4.5” for square or round, including any frame. Subjects shall be depicted in 1/6 actual size or less and, in all paintings, the spirit of miniaturisation should be maintained (e.g. fine brush strokes, small frame). They may be framed or exhibited as a stretched canvas, as above

2. Only Members who are approved may exhibit

3. Commission – The Club will deduct 20% commission per artwork, non negotiable

4. Collection – Please do not remove your artwork before the end of the show

5. Entries must be for sale. Artwork may be removed from the exhibition on full payment only. No negotiation on price will be entertained

6. Insurance - Submitted work is the responsible of the artist

7. Limited Space – In rare circumstances, limited space may prevent hanging and some pictures may be held in reserve

8. Original Work – All work must be an original submission of the artist. No prints, photographs or reproductions will be accepted

9. Submission fees apply according to the Rules of the Club and must accompany your stewarding form and be received by the required date. Cheques should be made payable to “Isle of Wight Art Club”. No refunds of submission fees will be made for any reason

10. Submitted work must not have been hung in an immediately preceding IWAC exhibition and then the work must only have been hung once before in an IWAC exhibition

11. Stewarding – All artists submitting work must volunteer a stewarding period for the exhibition

12. Unsuitable artwork – All work submitted must be ready to exhibit and without any damage. Any old labels or markings on the artwork (or wrapping for the Browser) must have been cleanly removed. The hanging team will do their best to display all artwork, however work not meeting the hanging criteria, are considered unsafe and/or are of shoddy presentation will be refused.

Please note: Stewards or others may not rearrange pictures once hung in the exhibition


Label Requirements

  • Label with Name, Title, Medium & Price in Sterling.
  • Cord or wire should hang approx 1 inch from top of picture, Screw eyes or D-rings approx 1/3 from top of picture,
  • Neatly taped edges